Baby Gender Test – Can You Really Test The Gender of Your Baby?

Plan My BabyBaby Gender Testing

Throughout time, there have been moms and dads wishing they could have a real baby gender test that would predict the gender of their child.

However, predicting the gender of your baby was off limits before more modern forms of scientific discovery.

Introducing – Plan My Baby

Alicia Pennington from Plan My Baby, with ten years of experience as a midwife, claims to have found the way for you to predict the gender of your baby.

Plan My Baby is an e-book outlining all natural ways to select the gender of your own baby in the privacy of your home with no drugs and no surgery.

Alicia says: “Due to effective natural methods…you too can plan your baby’s gender and enjoy a lifetime of completeness.”

Her journey began when she started to investigate all natural methods for selecting the gender of a baby. She was working with a mother who was suffering with a severe case of post-natal depression after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl.

She felt incomplete without a son even though she loved her three daughters dearly.” Alicia remembers.

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What if You Could Choose the Gender of Your Baby?

Alicia thought, so what if you could choose the gender of your baby? Wouldn’t that increase the joy and solve this problem? She immediately began perfecting natural baby gender selection methods.

Her research began with research into existing gender selection methods like Pick the Gender of Your Baby. She also began attending courses on preconception, and speaking with couples who had tested the methods with success.

All of this research happened with Alicia and her own husband beginning a family. She started to put her own research into practice, and came up with some really promising results.

She didn’t want to go through laboratory treatments because of the cost and wear on her body.

She was determined to apply natural methods to her research.

She was simply elated when her new daughter Marie arrived nine months later!

With Alicia’s proven methods, you will have nothing to lose because they are all natural, effective, safe, and without risk.

Out of her first year of research, 112 out of 117 couples conceived the baby gender of their choice.

“Here is a real chance to create the family of your dreams,” exclaims Alicia.

You will find all of her comprehensive research and instructions in an easy to read e-book. It is written with the reader in mind, and very simple to understand the techniques.

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Here are Alicia’s three basic steps for people researching baby gender selection:

Step 1: Look at your ph levels during ovulation. “If your ph is alkaline you are much more likely to have a boy. If your ph levels are acidic, chances are it will be a girl” claims Alicia.

Step 2: You should be examining your diet and adjusting it to the ideal environment for sperm x or sperm y.

Step 3: Read the guide to discover particular sexual positions that can aid in conceiving a boy or a girl.


You will find many happy customers on Alicia’s website.

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